Who is Leila Perry

Leila Perry was born in Hawaii, spent time in Texas, and is mostly an Angelino. While pursuing an acting career and film career she was seduced by music. She took time off to study jazz guitar and music composition.
Leila is a lead singer and guitarist in the dynamic rock band, The HOLYCUTS.
Recently she has been studying Improv at Upright Citizens Brigade, and has a dramatic background in Meisner Technique. She is working on several scripts and enjoys writing Surrealist Drama, Mind Screwing (Sci-Fi) Thrillers, and Dark Comedies.

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My play PELVIC FLOOR has it's second run as part of the Fringe Festival June 8 & 9 2018. Tickets available at 411 plays

Read a review of the first run of Pelvic Floor at Autre Mag.

The HOLYCUTS are having a single release party end of July 2018. Please contact me for an invite. We will embark on our first tour and then come back to play the Echo Park Rising Festival.

Currently I'm writing a dark comedy short and helping produce a feature film.

Please check out my Projects page for more.

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Events page will be up soon. In the Meantime follow me on Instagram! @EuphoriaHart

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Hollywood is Changing...

I love this city full of adventurous visionaries and bold philosophers.

I am excited for the changes that are being made. It's time for more female directors, writers, comedians, producers and actors to step up and take the reigns. It's time for more diversity in television programming. It's time for POC to be leads in movies.

I can't wait for these amazing voices to be heard, stories to be told, and songs to be sung.

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