Artistic vision

As a child I never thought there was a place for me in entertainment. One day I watched a film with a Korean female lead. Simply seeing someone that looked like me doing something I would love to do inspired me enough to believe I had a chance.

My goal is to break boundaries as an artist. I want to break racial and gender stereotypes while fostering ideas of acceptance and understanding across the world. I believe that I can bring that intention to my work as an actor, writer, and musician.

Leila Perry's Bio

A life Stranger than Fiction.

Leila Perry was born in Hawaii, spent time in Texas, and is mostly an Angelino. While pursuing an acting career and film career she was seduced by music. She took time off to study jazz guitar and music composition. Leila is a lead singer and guitarist in the dynamic rock band, The HOLYCUTS.

Recently she completed a Sam Sheppard intensive at Stephanie Fury Studio. She has studied Improv at Upright Citizens Brigade, and has a dramatic background in Meisner Technique. She is working on several scripts and enjoys writing Surrealist Drama, Mind Screwing (Sci-Fi) Thrillers, and Dark Comedies.

She is currently focused on recording an album with The Holycuts and writing a dark comedy short that will be filmed in august 2018. She is producing and filming a feature film summer 2018 as well. The Holycuts will go on their first tour this summer as well!

Leila has worked in film production behind the scenes under many hats including: Production Manager, Producer, Art Department, Wardrobe Stylist.

She is experienced in working with virtual reality and multimedia art projects both behind and in front of the camera. She has acting experience for motion capture devices as well as technical abilities in 3d, virtual reality, game and film-making.

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